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Hot Track Tips, Greyhound racing analysis, tips and picks... The Advantage you've been looking for!
If you like going to the track and enjoy gambling on either the Live Performance or the Simulcast races, you KNOW, "Knowledge is POWER!".
The more you know about the dogs running, the more likely you are to make winning wagers. Unfortunately, there is so little useful information provided at the track about the dogs, you may as well roll an eight sided die (dice). Racing Analysis and Handicapper's Sheets are the answer! We have all the information needed to help you make better informed and profitable wagers. PLUS, we do it for TWENTY FIVE Different Top Tracks!

Here's our proposal:
Try out our FREE Tipsheets for a week and at the same time you handicap the same cards before the races start. If we out handicap you and our picks are more profitable than yours, then try us out, otherwise you're just too darn good! Heck, you should be able to easily pay for the service and be an expert in it's use by then!
Here's a link to a good online Sports betting site, so you can make money while trying it out:
The RaceBook
Here's the link to the FREE Tipsheet:
The FREE Tipsheet!
Here's the link to the programs so you can handicap the same races before they start:
Here's the link to the results, from the tracks, so you can check out how we did:
Remember one thing, these are our give-away sheets. The sheets in our member's area are for our larger and more profitable tracks.
Each night the next day's tipsheets are uploaded anytime after 7:30 pm Central! Greyhound Racing Handicapping Betting Tips and Analysis:
        We at Hot Track Tips, strive to provide the absolute Best and most profitable Birmingham, Bluff's Run, Daytona Beach, Ebro, Flagler, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Naples Ft. Meyers, Orange Park, Palm Beach, Tampa/St. Pete, Southland, Phoenix, Lincoln, Victoryland, Raynham, Mobile, Tucson, Wheeling Downs, Wonderland, and Gulf Greyhound Tips and Analysis available ANYWHERE!

     In the next few webpages you will find examples of what the HotTrackTips sheets look like, as well as instructions for useage. You will find a free spreadsheet, you'll find free handicapping software and MORE! For more information on how you can start becoming more successful at the track.... Click on the About Us button to the left... You have EVERYTHING to GAIN!

     Only about 1 out of 50 handicappers can actually come close to matching the Crowd in picking winners. Depending on the track, the crowd favorite in greyhound racing only wins about 21% - 28% of the time, where-as on the same cards our top pick's win percent may be between 28% - 40% on the same card!

A simple way to compare our rate of success against your or other's handicapping is to see what percentage of the time one of your top two picks gets into the quinella.... For us, at least one of our top two selections gets in the quinella over ***82% of the time. This is for EVERY race and not just "Cherry Picking" only selected races. If you or anybody else can do better than that, we suggest that you use those picks.

For more information;
Grades "M", "A", "AA" and "SA", hit up to 35% of the time. Also, the top pick gets in the Trifecta about 70% of the time, and the winner of the race is in the top three selections about 65% of the time! In our Best Bet races, the top pick wins over *50% of the time.

       We utilize the most successful handicapping strategies known. We combine the power of Technology with the Insight of Handicapping Experience gained from over 30 Successful years in the Greyhound Racing Industry.  Click Here   to find out more!

*"Best Bet" is a race that has at least one or more symbols (generally *'s or ^ ) in the Rate--> Space.
*All stats are taken from the last 12 month period. Due to inconsistencies in weather, tracks, dogs, and other factors, statistics vary from month to month, week to week, day to day, and even performance to performance.
*** One of our top two selections gets in the quinella over 82% of the time, this is for our least predictable tracks, at a few of our Tracks the percentage can be over 90%. Stat is figured in a simplistic method by adding the 1st selection's win and place percentage and the 2nd selection's win and place percentage. Actual Quinella hit % is from 9%-15% depending upon which track you're looking at.


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