Greyhound Race Handicapping Betting Tips and Analysis
About Us:

Greyhound Race Handicapping Betting Tips and Analysis:
        We at Hot Track Tips, strive to provide the absolute Best and most profitable Greyhound Tips and Analysis available for 20 of the Most Popular Tracks in the United States.

Something you should know: is a For Profit site. We provide a subscription racing analysis and racing greyhounds tips service. We've been providing the best greyhound racing information available anywhere, for quite some time. We're able to maintain a very large customer base. We have a larger percentage of satisfied customers than any other site of this kind. This creates a large volume of business. The large volume of business means we don't have to charge much for our service. This makes us happy, this makes our customers VERY happy.
In our time, we've seen MANY competitors COME and we've seen MANY competitors GO, some in fact have tried to copy our name!

We're still here, and the reason is really quite simple...... Only about 1 out of 50 handicappers can actually even come close to the Crowd in picking winners over-all. Depending on the track, the crowd favorite in greyhound racing only wins about 21% - 28% of the time, at the same time our top pick's win percent may be between 28% - 40% on the same card.

A simple way to compare our rate of success against your or other's handicapping is to see what percentage of the time one of your top two picks gets into the quinella.... For us, at least one of our top two selections gets in the quinella over ***82% of the time. This is for EVERY race and not just "Cherry Picking" only selected races. If you or anybody else can do better than that, we suggest that you use those picks.
If you can't do better than 82%, you owe it to yourself to at least try our expert race picks.

In our Best Bet races, the top pick wins over *50% of the time. The top pick gets in the Trifecta about 70% of the time, and the winner of the race is in the top three selections about 65% of the time!


What we do, Step by Step:
       We will now explain pretty much step by step what we do, and therefore show you how valuable our service really is!

    Step 1: We Download and print out the race program as soon as it's available, after the race card is drawn.
    Step 2: For each dog, we enter all the fields into our Stat Program and it returns the complete stats for each dog in the race.
    Step 3: The Program gives back the relative power and point ratings for each dog in the race and then we make charts so we can SEE each stat in relation to one another.
    Step 4: We Mark up the race program on a spreadsheet using the Stat and Form Information.
    Step 5: We Mark up the actual race programs using Early Speed vs. Late Speed, Post Position, Preferences, Grade, Class, Heart, Trouble Percentage as factors. Then we turn this information into charts so we can get a visual feel for the differences in the dogs. (a simple example of this is in the Free spreadsheet that is provided for your use.)
    Step 6: We're looking for the top three dogs in the race. So, we Compare and Mark differences in what the Stats show and what the Form criteria shows.
    Step 7: We Look for "Sleepers", (i.e. in a 3/8ths race newly changed 5/16ths late speed dogs) and Mark down as possible upsets.
    Step 8: We Manually analyze and Mark the entire card with the rankings that seem to work best for each race and racing situation.
    Step 9: We Double check all dogs and stats.
    Step 10: We Upload all the Updated information onto our WebSite. Usually between the hours of 7:30 - 10:30 pm the night before, for the next day's program. i.e. We'll put up the sheets for tomorrow's performances tonight, between the hours of 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm CST.
    Step 11: YOU access Hot Track Tips Online, Print it out, and then... go to the Track and Make Money!!!

Ease of Use:
       We have designed our Analysis/Tip Sheet with the bettor in mind. Each race is listed in order and each dog in that race has a relative Power Rating, expressed as the "ActPts", that shows the statistical strength of each dog in the race. The analysis portion, that contains the basic and base factors, is very easy to use. The set-up allows you to easily SEE which dogs are better visually and intuitively, without having to resort to complex mathematical formulas.
The sheet is setup so that it can be printed out on any standard printer, with three races per page, so you can take it with you to track.   
Click here to see a TEXT sample of the Analysis/Tip Sheet with the actual results from that performance appearing below!

You can also Customize your sheet with charts and/or graphs, more information and a more colorful output (if you have Excel). By downloading our custom designed HotTips Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has many other very nice handicapping tools as well. If you're really serious about your handicapping (whether you check us out or not) you really should download and use a spreadsheet like the one we have available for free.    
Click here to download the custom HotTrackTips Spreadsheet for FREE.        

Percentage of Success:
        We spend Many Hours each Month working on the Hot Track Tips Tipsheets. We utilize a database that contains well over 1,000,000 race lines from over 22 tracks. This allows us to make sure that the handicapping strategies we use are consistent and profitable over even the "Long Haul". Because of the tremendous detail and effort invested, we feel no other TipSheet resource can compare with the Hot Track Tips Sheet percentage of Profits or Success.
        Unlike any other Greyhound Information/Tipsheet resource, we are so Confident of our results we suggest you go to your favorite track and buy one of each of the tipsheets available and compare it with ours for that same performance. We know you will say "Hey, that's too expensive". BUT is it really??? We're talking about an outlay of possibly $20 total, for a test that COULD bring you long term profits in the THOUSANDS!!!
A simple test is usually the most effective, we suggest all you have to do is print out the race card's results then compare how many dogs ranked in the top four positions by each tipsheet, actually get in the top four positions after the race is run...
Also check and see how many race winners are chosen in the top two and three positions on the tipsheet. While you're at it, check and see how many races the general public hit with the favorite winning as compared to each sheet's picks... Handicap the SAME races yourself BEFORE they run and see how many YOU pick correctly.....
THEN make the winner of this simple contest your companion to take to the track!

       Utilizing our Hot Track Tips sheets, and wagering as suggested by our handicappers, has returned an astounding amount of profitability, ESPECIALLY when checked against other tipsheets or resources, so take the challenge and you won't be disappointed! One of the first and most general rules in handicapping is don't play every race. Many races are more easily capitalized on than other races and these are the races a person should concentrate on.
That being said, our GOAL is to make as many races as possible be handicapped in such a way that they become profitable to play... When you do the handicapping challenge, check and see what your return on investment would be if you had actually played every race with a Quinella wager set-up like 1 / 2-3-4-5-6 $10 (in ranked order). You may be VERY pleasantly surprised!

       On average, our handicappers themselves maintain a better than 70% ROI (Return on Investment, for every $2 bet the return is $3.40). Since you are getting our handicapper's picks as well, YOU too could gain VERY well with the money you wager with at the track! All you have to do is have Hot Track Tips as a resource, use a few simple common sense wagering structures, and you WILL be on the road to handicapping success!

Check it Out!

*"Best Bet" is a race that has at least one or more symbols (generally *'s or ^ ) in the Rate--> Space.
*All stats are taken from the last 12 month period (July 2002 - July 2003). Due to inconsistencies in weather, tracks, dogs, and other factors, statistics vary from month to month, week to week, day to day, and even performance to performance.
*** One of our top two selections gets in the quinella over 82% of the time, this is for our least predictable tracks, at a few of our Tracks the percentage can be over 90%. Stat is figured in a simplistic method by adding the 1st selection's win and place percentage and the 2nd selection's win and place percentage. Actual Quinella hit % is from 9%-15% depending upon which track you're looking at.


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